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Development of instruments and methods 
for radiation dosimetry with the variance-covariance method.

EU contract No. ERB CIPD- CT 930420
subcontract of ERB FI3P CT 920039



Strahlenbiologisches Institute der LMU
Schillerstrasse 42., D-80336 Münich, Germany
Contact person: Dr. A.M.Kellerer
Phone: +49 89 5996818

MicroVacuum Ltd.
Kerékgyártó u. 10., H-1147 Budapest, Hungary
Contact person: Dr. Katalin Erdélyi
Phone: +36 1 2521991

Objectives of the project:

In order to implement the variance-covariance method into radiation protection practice the development of specialized compact electronics was required and this was the objective of the project.

Electronics had to be specifically designed for variance-covariance measurements with multi-element, tissue-equivalent, proportional counters, as they were developed within the main project FI+P+CT92-0039.



A portable, battery supplied, ergonomic electronic unit has been developed for determination of the dose average lineal energy, yD, and the dose equivalent, in terms of the variance-covariance method. The electronic unit is suitable to use with great varieties of tissue equivalent proportional counters TEPC. The device includes battery operated high voltage supply, two low noise and low offset electrometers, two 20-bit resolution ADCs, and a microcontroller. The range of applications is broad, including measurements at very high dose rate, pulsed fields of different intensity, and fields with low dose rate. The device has been tested with several different TEPCs.

This research was supported by EURATOM contract FI3P-CT 920039 and by PHARE TDQM contract HU-9305-02/1008; it is part of the co-operation within EURADOS Working Group 10.

Related publications:

1.) A portable device for microdosimetric measurements.

In Microdosimetry an Interdisciplinary Approach, ads. D. Goodhead, P. O’ Neill and
H. G.Menzel, p. 353, Royal Society on Chemistry, 1997.

I.Almási, E.Anachkova, T.Bartha, Dr. Katalin Erdélyi, A.M.Kellerer and H.Roos

2.) A portable instrument based on variance-covariance technique for measurement in pulsed radiation fields

I.Almási, E.Anachkova, T.Bartha, Dr. Katalin Erdélyi, A.M.Kellerer and H.Roos

The IRPA Regional Symposium on Radiation Protection in Neighbouring Countries of Central Europe, September. 8-12.1997.

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