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Welcome to our Research & Development pages!

Please find below the list of active or recently expired research projects in which we participate.

SILIBACTS ( FP 7 Eurostars Project )
Encapsulation of bacteria with biosilica for fabrication of bacterial bioreactors and biosensors

Expired: 2012
ASMENA ( FP 7 Project )
Functional assays for membrane protein on nanostructured supports

Expired: 2011
BIO-SURF ( Hungarian national project )
Application of synthetic peptides for engineering cell adhesive interfaces, bioimplant surfaces

Expired: 2011
MEMOCS ( EUREKA 847 project )
Membrane-coated Optical-grating Coupler Sensors

Expired: 2010
INTERFACES ( Hungarian national project )
Development and application of functionalized surfaces in specific biochemical and chemical systems

Expired: 2008
SEJTGEN ( Hungarian national project )
Development cell and gene therapy methods for medical use

Expired: 2008
NATCO ( FP 6 Project )
Novel Advanced Transparent Conductive Oxides.

Expired: 2008
BIOTOXmarin ( FP 6 Project )
Development of novel analytical tools for the detection of marine biotoxins.

Expired: 2007
DNA switch ( FP 6 Project )
Novel surfaces for switchable nucleic acid adsorption/desorption for analytical assays..

Expired: 2005
Development of a test kit for the determination of pesticides in food stuffs.

Expired: 2004
Development of a novel test kit for the rapid on-site determination of mycotoxins in food.

Expired: 2003
Development and field validation of biosensor methods for the assessment of the effects of pollution and solar UV radiation on commercially and ecologically important marine invertebrates.

Expired: 2002
Multichannel OWLS
Hungarian-Chinese Intergovernmental S&T Cooperation Program for the year 2007-2008.
Comparative study of labeled and label-free immunosensor techniques
Hungarian-Chinese Intergovernmental S&T Cooperation Program for the year 2005-2006.
AAPLES (TMR Programme)
Advanced Application of Low Temperature Epitaxial Si and Si Alloys

Nuclear Fission Safety in the Third EC Framework Program
Development of instruments and methods for radiation dosimetry with the variance-covariance method.



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