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Publications of István Szendrő

1. ”The effect of oxide layer thickness on the work-function of Ge”
I. Szendrő
Thesis at the Lóránd Eötvös University of Sciences, Budapest, 1970

2. ”Investigation of diffusion-induced dislocations by X-ray topography and SEM” 
L.Puskás, V.Stefániai, J.Kardos, I.Szendrő 
Conference on Electronmicroscopy, 1975. Berlin 

3. ”Some metalization problems of Schottky-clamped transistors” 
I. Szendrő 
Third International Thin film Conference, 1975. Budapest 
Thin Solid Film 1976. vol. 36. pp 431-434 

4. ”Micro-surgery method for semiconductor chip failure analysis”
I. Szendrő, E. Márton 
Popov Conference on Radiotechnique, 1978. Moskau 

5. ”Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition”
I. Szendrő 
Seminar on Vacuum-technology of Thin Films, 1978. Budapest

6. ”Low pressure deposition of Si3N4 by Si Cl4 and NH3 reaction”
I. Szendrő, E. Márton 
Late News Paper on Conference of Electrochemical Society, 1979.0ct. 
Journal of Electrochem. Soc. 1981. March, pp 708.

7. ”Deposition of Si3N4 by LPCVD”
I. Szendrő
Thesis of doctor’s degree at the Technical University of Budapest, 1981.

8. ”Plasma-enhanced CVD methods”
I. Szendrő, L. Puskás 
Seminar on Advanced Semiconductor Technologies, 1982. Budapest

9. ”Self -aligned photolithography of high-frequency devices”
I. Szendrő, E. Márton 
Conference on Microelectronics 82’, 1982. Siófok

10. ”Dry and wet etching of dielectric layers”
I. Szendrő, E. Márton 
11. Conference on Microelectronics 82’, 1982. Siófok

12. ”Low pressure chemical vapour deposition”
I. Szendrő 
Mikrotechnika 1983. Jan. Vol.22. pp.14-24. (in Hungarian)

13. ”The role of pre-metalization chemical treatments in IC technology”
I. Szendrő, K. Jambrik 
”RELECTRONIC 85’” conf. 1985. Budapest 
”Finommechanika” Journ. 1986. March. (in Hungarian)

14. "Investigation of Platinasilicide Layers"
L. Dávid, I. Szendrő, K. Josepovits
Fourth Czechoslovak Conf. on Microelectronics, 1986, Bratislava

15. ”Investigation of temperature coefficient of boron doped diffused resistors”
G. Széll, I. Szendrő
16th European Solid State Device Research Conference Cambridge, UK, 1986. Sept.

16. ”Investigation of platinasilicide layers”
L. Dávid, I. Szendrő
4th Czechoslovak Conf. on Microelectronics, Bratislava, 1986.

17. ”Some effects of the simultaneous diffusion of boron-gold into silicon” 
D.K.An, I. Szendrő, K. Mádl 
Microelectronics 86’ Conf. 1986. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

18. ”Comparison of double metalization processes by test structures”
L. Szelőczei, E.Márton, I. Szendrő
MIEL 89’ Conf., 1989. Nis, Yugoslavia

19. ”The Transient voltage suppressor circuit: properties and application”
G. Széll, I. Szendrő
Microelectronics 88 Conf. Botecgrad, Bulgária
Microelectronics 88 Conf. Drezda, NDK 
MIEL 89’ Conf., 1989. Nis, Yugoslavia

20. ”A new analog- digital semicustom array the LISA”
I. Szendrő
Microelectronics 88’ Conf., 1988. Botevgrad. Bulgaria 
Mikroelektronik 88’ Conf., 1988. Dresden 
MIEL 89’ Conf., 1989. Nis, Yugoslavia

21. ”Thin film deposition with the help of IBM PC compatible process control”
F. Papp, I. Szendrő
Yugoslav-Austrian-Hungarian Fourth Joint Vacuum Conf., 1988. Portoroz, Yugoslavia

22. ”Preparation of Germanium Nitride Films by LPCVD”
A.B.Young, J. Rosenberg, I. Szendrő 
Journal of Electrochem. Soc., 1987. Nov., p.286.

23. ”Development of proportional counters and probes for environmental monitoring”
L. Dávid, I. Szendrő, J. Solymosi, L. Simoncsics 
XIV. Seminar on Radiation protection

24. ”Sensors for nuclear radiation detection”
K. Erdélyi, I. Szendrő 
Hungarian OMFB - SIEMENS Scientific Workshop, 1991. Budapest

25. "Growth of Oxide Layers and Deposition of Dielectric Layers"
in Microelectronics Technology; ed. I. Mojzes - Műszaki Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 1993

26. "Selective W deposition onto Hydrogen Doped Silicon"
Cs. Dücső, S. Kóczé, I. Szendrő
EUROCVD NINE, 1993, Tampere, Finland

27. "Low Termal Budget Si Epitaxy: An Overview Study of the Substrate/Epi Interface in a Number of Common Epitaxial Growth System"
N. Caymax, L. Vescan, K. Werner, D. Bensahel, D. Grawesteijn and I. Szendro
3rd International Symposium on Ultraclean Processing of Silicon Surfaces, 1996, Antwerpen, 

28. " National Report for Hungary"
B. Papp, I. Szendrő, Z. Szendrő, D. Zarka Jr., A. Bato
Evaluation Conf. on InterUniversity Cooperation in Europe in the field of computing, Jul. 1-3, 1996, Dublin City University

29. "Developement of Integrated Optical Sensors - Technology and Measurements"
J. Balázs, M. Rácz, I. Szendrő, J. Vörös, A. Hámori, Zs. Szabó
Hungarian-Korean Seminar on Integrated Circuits and Devices, 1997, Budapest

30. "Integrated optical waveguide sensor for surface adsorption study"
(in Hungarian)
J. Ramsden, M. Némethné-Sallay, J. Vörös, I. Szendrő
Fizikai Szemle, 1997/9, p. 281.

31. „Ultra-thin gate oxides for 0,1mm heterojunction CMOS application by the use of a sacrificial Si layer”
R. Loo, M. Caymax, P. Verheyen, T. Conard, K. DeMeyer, I. Szendrő, P. Alkemade
Present on the ESSDERC’98 conference, 1998 Munich

32. RBX analysis of the GeSi-on-Insulator formed by a high dose Ge ion implantation”
C. J. Patel, I.Szendrő, E. Kótai
Presented on the IBMM’98 conference, to be published in the Nucl. Instrum. And Methods B.

33. „Integrated Optical Chemical and Biochemical Sensors”
I. Szendrő
Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors 27-29 September 1999, Neusiedl am See, Austria

34. „Modification of the surface of Integrated Optical Waveguide Sensors for Immunosensor Applications”
N. Trummer, N. Adányi, M. Váradi, I. Szendrő
Submitted to EUROANALYSIS XI. conference held in Lisbon-Portugal on 3-9 September 2000

35. „Optical Grating Coupler Biosensors”
J. Vörös, J. J. Ramsden, G. Csucs, I. Szendrő, (M. Textor, N. D. Spencer*) 
3rd World Congress of Cellular and Molecular Biology in Jena, Germany,
October 8-13, 2000

36. Art and Practice to Emboss Gratings into Sol-Gel Waveguides - Publication in PDF format (1.2 MB)
I. Szendrő
SPIE’s Symposium on Integrated Optics, „Functional Integration of Opto-Electro-Mechanical Devices and Systems”, January 20-26, 2001, San Jose, CA. 

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