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Selected References Related to the Development of Biosensors

1."Low Termal Budget Si Epitaxy: An Overview Study of the Substrate/Epi Interface in the Number of Common Epitaxial Growth System"
 N. Caymax, L. Vescan, K. Werner, D. Bensahel, D. Grawesteijn and I. Szendro
3rd International Symposium on Ultraclean Processing of Silicon Surfaces, 1996, Antwerpen, ed. Marc Heyns (IMEC)

2. "Developement of Integrated Optical Sensors - Technology and Measurements"
J. Balázs, M. Rácz, I. Szendrő, J. Vörös, A. Hámori, Zs. Szabó
Hungarian-Korean Seminar on Integrated Circuits and Devices, 1997, Budapest

3. "Integrated optical waveguide sensor for surface adsorption study"
J. Ramsden, M. Némethné-Sallay, J. Vörös, I. Szendrő
Fizikai Szemle, 1997/9, p. 281. (in Hungarian) 

4. „Ultra-thin gate oxides for 0,1mm heterojunction CMOS application by the use of a sacrificial Si layer”
R. Loo, M. Caymax, P. Verheyen, T. Conard, K. DeMeyer, I. Szendrő, P. Alkemade
Presented on the ESSDERC’98 conference, !998 Munich 

5. „Integrated Optical Chemical and Biochemical Sensors”
I. Szendrő 
Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors 27-29 September 1999, Neusiedl am See, Austria

6. „Modification of the surface of Integrated Optical Waveguide Sensors for Immunosensor Applications”
N. Trummer, N. Adányi, M. Váradi, I. Szendrő
EUROANALYSIS XI. Conference, Lisbon-Portugal , 3-9 September 2000
Published: Fresenins J. Anal. Chem (2001)
371 pp 21-24

7. „Optical Grating Coupler Biosensors”
J. Vörös1, J. J. Ramsden2, G. Csucs3, I. Szendrő4, (M. Textor1, N. D. Spencer1*) 
3rd World Congress of Cellular and Molecular Biology in Jena, Germany,
October 8-13, 2000
To be published

8. “Art and Practice to Emboss Gratings into Sol-Gel Waveguides” - Publication in PDF format (1.2 MB)
I. Szendrő 
SPIE’s Symposium on Integrated Optics, „Functional Integration of Opto-Electro-Mechanical Devices and Systems”, 20-26 January 2001, San Jose, CA. USA

9. "Biosensor technique based on Optical Grating Coupler Sensors"
K. Erdélyi, I. Szendrő
MicroVacuum Ltd, Budapest, Hungary
European Symposium on Effects of Pollution and UV Radiation on Commercially and Ecologically Important Marine Invertebrates
Palermo 4th-7th May, 2001

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