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5.0 purity gas distribution systems
On site welding of gas distribution tubings
HCl, HBr distribution system
SO2 distribution system
Specialty gas SiH4 distributing system
High and Low Pressure
Gas Distribution Systems for
High Purity Inert, Corrosive, Toxic Gases
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Our product range consists of standard and customized gas distribution panels and complete systems with delivery tubings, control and measuring equipments. We use standard panels with metal diaphragm regulators and ball or membrane valves with NPT threads, compression fittings. Customized panels are constructed from face seal fittings, orbital welded connections and are 100% He leak tested. Delivery tubings are all constructed from precleaned, chemically passivated or electropolished tubes, which cleanness is kept all over the assembly process. High reliability and specially gas delivery tubings are welded with automatic orbital welder.


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