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Please find below the catalog of our products, services, distributed products and solutions.

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Integrated Optical Chemical and Biochemical Sensors
Sensor chips, OWLS instrumentation, BioSense application...

High Purity Gas Distribution Systems
High and low pressure gas distribution systems for high purity inert, corrosive toxic gases, Automatic changeover for liquid gases, gas cabinets ...

Custom Designed Vacuum Systems
High temperature vacuum furnace with gas purging ...

Equipments for Thin Film Technology
Design and manufacture of furnace type, hot wall LPCVD, PECVD systems for thin film deposition, plasma tourch in glove box, Contact Angle Measuring Unit ...

Nuclear Instrumentation
Radiation monitors, Microdosimetric unit, Quality Control Instrumentation...
Cooperation in Research and Development
Thin Film Technology, Sensor and CVD Technologies, Nuclear Instrumentation

Consulting and Know-How Transfer


Computerized Gas Mixing,
Dilution, and Calibration Systems

  Instrumentation, fittings, valves

  High purity regulators,     valves...

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