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MicroVacuum Ltd. is Hungarian corporation founded in 1987. Our headquarters and laboratory are located in Budapest, Hungary.

MicroVacuum is a leader in the R&D and production of optical grating-coupled waveguide (OWLS) based biosensors and instrumentation. The OWLS technology enables high-sensitivity, real-time, label-free detection of surface adsorption of molecules.

OWLS sensors allow the determination of the affinity and kinetics of a wide variety of molecular interactions in real time, without the need for a molecular tag or label.

MicroVacuum develops, manufactures and sells its OWLS sensors and instrumentation for customers all over the world.

MicroVacuum's label free, real-time, high-sensitivity OWLS biosensors are serving the following industries world-wide:

  • Scientific research labs (biochemistry, biomaterial, bioelectronics)
  • Food safety
  • Pharma / Drug development
  • Environmental protection

The main biosensing applications of the OWLS technology are as follows:

  • Adsorption of proteins at surfaces
  • Ligand / receptor binding (antibody/antigen)
  • Immunosensing
  • Drug screening
  • Protein - lipid bilayer interactions
  • Protein - DNA interactions
  • Molecular self-assembly & nanoscience
  • Analysis of association and dissociation kinetics
  • Kinetics of adhesion, growth and spreading of living cells

Commitment to innovation: the profitable exploitation of new ideas is widely recognized as being one of the key success factors in gaining competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Our company has a 15-year of history of on-going innovation in sensor and instrumentation technology.

Commitment to quality: Innovation must go hand-in-hand with product quality to be truly useful, reliable and to that effect MicroVacuum is ISO9001 certified having received ISO 9001 Quality System Certification in October 1997. This quality management system ensures our continued competitiveness and makes it possible to provide products and services in accordance with all customer requirements.

Commitment to customers: MicroVacuum is committed to continuous enhancement of its existing product and developing new products. Feedback from our customers drives our development processes.

Commitment to International Research and Collaboration: MicroVacuum is an active participant in several international R&D projects. For the current list of our R&D projects, please visit

Should you have more question or would like to learn more about MicroVacuum, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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